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0 Why did Seattle’s “Liberal Congressman for Life” vote against fixing food aid?

Many experts say that the current system of how the U.S. government does food aid is plenty corrupted – at least if you assume the goal is to feed the poor and hungry. The current system requires that we buy the food from American farmers and ship it on American-flagged vessels. No other country does food aid this way, because it is so inefficient and, well, blatantly self-serving.

0 What explains the weird way Congress voted down food aid reform?

Flickr, pinehurst19475 The recent defeat in Congress of legislation aimed at improving the efficiencies of our foreign efforts to feed the hungry didn’t fall into the normal partisan divisions, or even expected special interest categories. The Obama Administration has proposed changes to our nation’s uniquely wasteful and self-serving system of…

0 The promise and pitfalls in efforts to reform US foreign food aid

Haitians Receive Boxes of USAID Food AidUSAID Food aid reforms came under the spotlight last month when the Obama Administration announced its Fiscal Year 2014 budget. The changes are important to humanitarian response. Oxfam America estimates that reforms to food aid procurement laws could speed up crisis response by 14 weeks and…