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0 The more some donors know, the less they give

Shaking out every dollar. The movement to show impacts for aid programs continues to gain steam within the humanitarian sector. But what about the donors? Will more transparency and information about the impacts of a program affect their giving habits? The answer to that question appears to be sort of…

0 Safe drinking water keeps Cambodian kids in school

Children walking to school, Kampong Cham, Cambodia.Karen Murphy If you build it, he will come. In the case of Cambodian schools it is more like: if you provide safe drinking water, kids will go to school. When schools provided treated water in containers, the rate of absence for students dropped.…

0 Microfinance works! Loans better than fad of just giving poor money

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative The idea is simple, test what is the best way to grow microenterprise in Uganda: straight cash, loans, skills training or a combination of the three. What happened? The results were, please forgive the overused Upworthy adjective, unexpected. Just giving people money was not as good…

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