0 What’s next for the Egyptian revolution?

Families protesting near Tahrir Square by Flickr user Zeinab Mohamed This has been a tumultuous week in Egypt. Huge protests on against the elected president Muhuammed Morsi were followed by what many are calling a military coup d’etat. Now, two and a half years after the fall of dictator Hosni…

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0 Egypt protests turn violent, Mubarak not ready to leave yet

The political uprising in Egypt took a violent turn recently, as government supporters (whom many reports say are being identified as often police or security force personnel in civilian clothes) clash with protesters on the street still calling for immediate regime change. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who earlier reshuffled…

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2 How (ir)relevant was Davos this year?

Well, Bill Gates did get some public attention and additional money for the ongoing global campaign to eradicate polio while hanging out with the rich and powerful at the Swiss ski resort. Among the other issues discussed by members of the global elite who gathered at the World Economic Forum…

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0 Egypt in revolt

There’s plenty of news out there about what’s happening in Egypt, as a popular revolt against the Mubarak regime continues despite a crackdown on the protesters, media and social media tools. I won’t add a list of my favorite news reports, other than to say perhaps the best bet for…

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