Richard Horton

0 Call for global health geeks to join forces with human rights activists

More than 500 public health experts, policy makers and academics from 50 different countries have gathered in Seattle this week to dig deeper into what one of the leaders in the field characterized as having done for global health what the Human Genome Science project has done for biomedical science and medicine. The Global Burden of Disease study – the new Global Burden of Disease Study – a massive worldwide assessment of what’s killing, injuring and disabling people around the planet. The GBD was created by some 500 researchers in 187 countries looking through hundreds of millions of reports on nearly 300 causes of death and disability.

1 AIDS 2012: Bill Gates skeptical of ending AIDS anytime soon WASHINGTON, D.C. — The International AIDS Conference, a mega-meeting of more than 20,000 people, has opened here to fanfare, protests, calls to action and (overly?) ambitious proclamations aimed at fighting complacency. The world’s biggest AIDS conference has returned to the U.S. – to a city with HIV infection rates comparable…