2 The obscure bug that set off Bill Gates, awakening a geeky giant

It kills anywhere from a quarter-million to half-a-million kids every year and is one of the world’s leading causes of child mortality. But it wasn’t too long ago hardly anybody had even heard of it. Rotavirus — the killer bug that set off Bill Gates and gave direction to his…

0 Video: Rotavirus vaccine roll-out

A video from GAVI regarding the roll-out of a new vaccine campaign against one of the world’s biggest killers of children, rotavirus: The introduction of rotavirus vaccines in Africa from GAVI Alliance on Vimeo.

1 Bill Gates pushes world health assembly to boost vaccinations

It’s a simple thing, a vaccine. But the simple lack of a vaccine in a poor community can bring death, heartache and even financial ruin to a family. It does, every day, with a yearly toll in the millions, mostly child deaths. “That was a sobering realization for me,” said…