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Seattle Times profile of Landesa’s work with women farmers in India | 

The Seattle Times, with support from The Seattle International Foundation (also one of my primary funders), has produced a beautiful and in-depth report on the work of Landesa promoting land rights for women in India. It’s a great read, written by Melissa Allison and photographed by Erika Shultz.

Woman farmer in West Bengal
Woman farmer in West Bengal
Seattle Times, Erika Schultz

Landesa has been around a long time, formerly known as as the Rural Development Institute, and was founded by former University of Washington law professor Roy Prosterman (who I’ve had occasion to write about many times before, such as this post called Land Reform and Bulletproof Vests). The Times did a good profile of Roy as well. Erika’s blog as a photographer is also worth a look.

Land reform and bulletproof vests | 


Roy Prosterman

Roy Prosterman might, on first glance, suggest a kindly hobbit.

The retired UW law professor is a friendly, gentle and small (in stature) man who hardly looks like a radical social reformer who could bring on death threats.

Prosterman’s non-profit organization, now called Landesa (formerly RDI, Rural Development Institute), sounds like another group doing something nice, and boring.

But land reform, as it turns out, is hardly boring. Continue reading