0 Visualizing death and disease from lack of sanitation

Guest post by Katie Leach-Kemon, a policy translation specialist from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Flickr, mrlego54 Earlier this week we marked World Toilet Day, created to raise awareness of the fact that billions of people around the world lack access to this basic necessity. The…

1 For World Toilet Day Gates Foundation motto: Every shit has value

Ugandans transport a Swiss-made ‘diversion’ toilet – one of the Gates Foundation’s winners in its re-inventing the toilet competitionEawag It’s World Toilet Day so the world is awash with potty humor, bizarre videos and otherwise earnest organizations giddily celebrating the use of obscenity or fart jokes in support of saving…

Global Health
0 Poo Wars: Making Light of a Serious Health Problem

Wastewater in street (informal settlement near Cape Town), South Africa A planned protest regarding the poor sanitation conditions in Cape Town sparked some interest when it was learned that would-be protesters were armed with feces. The South African press dubbed it the ‘poo wars’ and western media ran with it.…

2 Gates-backed tech toilet poops out in India

One of the most popular missions lately for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been its effort to re-invent the toilet, an initiative it launched nearly two years ago to great media fanfare. Lack of access to proper sanitation is a huge global public health threat, and need.

0 USAID declares water is critical to global development

After fifty years in the game, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) unveiled its first ever water and development strategy. Some say it’s about time. “For many years in development work, water, sanitation and hygiene have been a bit forgotten,”  said Alanna Imbach, media officer with WaterAid America, to…

Human Rights
0 Global safe drinking water goal achieved

Borehole water supply, NigeriaMike Urban, Amid all the dire reports that seem to indicate the world is going to heck in a handbasket, here’s some good news: The United Nations children’s agency, otherwise known as UNICEF, reports that 89 percent of the world’s population now has access to safe…

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