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1 Documentary questions motives for Westerners ‘helping’ Africa

Nearly a decade has passed since Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina penned the satirical essay “How to Write About Africa” for Granta. The biting piece called out the way that people talk about, write about and depict the continent of Africa. Taboo subjects: ordinary domestic scenes, love between Africans (unless a…

0 Can sex sell poverty? Save the Children gives it a try

The video is pure Upworthy click bait, and you’ve never heard the word ‘diarrhea’ sound so sexy. “Models are told to make poverty sound sexy; you will never believe what happens next,” might read the copy accompanying the latest effort from Save the Children. In it, a group of models…

0 NGOs call for peaceful Syria intervention

Protesters in Austin, Tx.Elizabeth Brossa US Senator John McCain is an unlikely ally for President Obama’s sales pitch to launch a military intervention in Syria. Congress has some time to decide what it will do before it reconvenes, but non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are working in and around Syria are…

1 A post-mortem for a dead international NGO

Earlier this month the UK-based Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin) announced a merger with Save the Children. The two NGOs said that the decision was to achieve a better reach of critical humanitarian services to the world’s most vulnerable. “By combining Merlin’s expertise and flexibility with the heritage and reach of…

Global Health
0 The best and worst places in the world for mothers and children

Save the Children estimates that more than one million children die each year on the day of birth. Another two million children do not survive their first month of life, says the 14th State of the World’s Mothers report. Released around Mother’s Day every year, the report from Save the Children scores countries on the health and safety of mothers. This year, the index calls attention to child survival in addition to maternal health.

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