0 Visualizing Brazil’s score on health and equity goals

While soccer fans globally have been following the excitement of the World Cup matches in Brazil, riots in the country have thrust its poverty and inequality into the international spotlight. While Brazil has made progress in reducing poverty and improving health, much work remains to improve well-being in the country.…

8 Data love: The risk of humanitarians acting like scientists

It’s much easier for scientists to test a more isolated intervention, like say taking a pill, than it is to even figure out how best to track and attribute the potential impact of many humanitatian efforts. And it’s worth noting that the scientific community is finally acknowledging that even their most refined efforts in reductionist deduction, peer review and attribution often fail.

0 Kenyan farmers skeptical, lack knowledge about GMOs

A diseased stalk of maize in western Kenya. Malava, Kenya – With a maize disease spreading across western Kenya, farmers are in need of seed alternatives and some are advocating the use of seeds genetically modified to fight disease. However, genetically modified crops (aka GMOs, genetically modified organisms) are not…

0 Bird flu flap resolved, sort of

Flickr, gainesp2003 The scientific community, in the end, agreed to publish controversial bird flu virus studies despite the arguments of those who favored keeping the research secret because of the risk some might use it to make a super bad virus. At stake in this cockfight, as I wrote earlier,…

0 Bird flu cockfight: Secrecy vs Science

There’s a heated scientific debate going on right now between those who fear the terrorist use of chickens versus those who fear the slippery slope of secrecy in science. Starting on Thursday, a blue-ribbon panel of invited experts will meet behind closed doors at the World Health Organization to discuss…

0 Five reasons not to panic about the bird flu experiments

News analysis The scientific community is in serious kerfuffle right now about whether or not to publish the details of certain bird flu virus experiments. Angry words are flying back and forth between experts – much like the proverbial behavior of chickens with their heads cut off. One commentator for…

0 Altered skeeter update: Infecting mosquitoes to fight dengue

The idea of altering mosquitoes to fight disease appears to be quite contagious. It’s almost become a news category unto itself, with at least a story every month or so involving something like: –  Genetic modifications that causes infected skeeters to kill themselves or their disease cargo, or to cause…

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