Seattle Town Hall

0 Bill Easterly on the ‘Tyranny of Experts’

Bill Easterly William Easterly, a professor of economics and one of Bill Gates’ least favorite aid experts, will be speaking in Seattle at Town Hall next Tuesday, March 25, starting at 7:30 pm. Humanosphere’s Tom Paulson will be emceeing a Q&A at Town Hall with Easterly after his lecture Breaking…

0 Thailand’s Condom King comes to Seattle

Mechai Viravaidya is known around the world as “Mr. Condom” or the “Condom King” for his activism promoting safe sex in Thailand when the AIDS epidemic first emerged. Many say Thailand’s aggressive condom promotion within the sex industry did a lot to lessen the impact of the pandemic there. On…

2 Preview of the issues: Can Seattle Save the World?

Here are a few thoughts in advance of tonight’s event at Town Hall Seattle. Can Seattle Save the World? What do we intend to accomplish asking a question like that? It’s a bit irreverent, sure. That’s the point. We seem to have countless meetings, forums and symposiums these days that…