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1 Book Review: The Ringtone and the Drum

Have you heard about the story of  the aid worker who traveled in Africa? Why yes, that is pretty much every book about aid. So you can excuse me for being a bit jaded when approaching Mark Weston’s book  that recounts his travels with his wife to the West African…

2 The Problems with Western Journalists in Africa

Western journalists were rightly criticized for the overall level of coverage surrounding the Kenyan elections. However, it is a case that is a part of what seems to be the rule rather than the exception when it comes to how Western reporters will tell stories from the African continent. The…

Global Health
0 Cholera Concerns Mounting in Sierra Leone

A cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone that made its way to the capital city of Freetown is spreading at an alarming rate. MSF reported an estimated 1,500 cases and 17 deaths in a July 31 press release. The WHO released new numbers yesterday that cholera has infected 5,706 people since…