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Social venture adventurer Paul Shoemaker wins accolades | 

In the “there’s just something about this place” category of stories, I am taking note of Paul Shoemaker at Social Venture Partners International. That’s right, international.

Paul Shoemaker

Shoemaker was recently recognized as one of the 50 most influential non-profit leaders in the country (along with other local winners like Richard Stearns, head of World Vision, Luz A. Vega-Marquis, head of the Marguerite Casey Foundation and, oh yes, Bill Gates).

Said the Non-Profit Times about Shoemaker:

The founding president of Social Venture Partners International is an outspoken, unabashed trumpeter for the blending of philanthropy development and capacity building. SVP Seattle is the incubator from which state-of-the-art technology met inspired philanthropists.

Many of you probably know about Social Venture Partners and what they do, which is to support the growth of local projects, non-profits or businesses directed at accomplishing a social good. Continue reading