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0 US Welcomes Somalia’s New President

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Two decades since the embarrassing Black Hawk Down incident, the United States is opening a new chapter with Somalia. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the newly elected leader of Somalia, met with Obama and Clinton in separate meetings late last week. The meeting was accompanied by official U.S. recognition…

0 Interactive: How the world responded in 2011 to Somalia’s famine

The Guardian has produced an excellent interactive analysis of how, and why, the international community responded to the famine in Somalia in 2011: Some conclusions: Despite sophisticated early warning systems to help predict – and, in theory, prevent – the escalation of severe food crises, it seems it is still…

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0 Somalia: Famine, death and suffering continues

The deadly, tragic situation in Somalia persists. As the ONE Campaign notes in an overview Update on Horn of Africa: Four million people remain food insecure in Somalia and 250,000 in Southern Somalia continue to face famine conditions. These conditions are expected to persist at least through December 2011 and…

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4 Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times is screaming at you

Malnourished children in SomaliaDFID To pay attention to the massive catastrophe still unfolding in the Horn of Africa! Traditionally, at least within the mainstream media, journalists are supposed to behave as if they are neutral observers. It’s a crock, of course, since we’re real people full of all sorts of…

0 Interactive map of relief/aid work in East Africa

Interaction has published an online “Horn of Africa Aid Map” showing 98 aid and development projects working on immediate famine relief as well as long-term development in East Africa. Horn of Africa Aid Map is part of NGO Aid Map, a broader mapping initiative to provide detailed information on the…

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0 Famine update

The famine continues in East Africa. A few stories of note: TIME: 29,000 Somali children already dead Guardian: Why weren’t aid agencies able to get food there in time? UN calls for long-term aid for farmers to prevent famines in future NPR: Somali-Canadian rapper sees famine up close and personal