South Africa

0 Infographic: How mobile money is faring in Africa

The story of mobile money in Africa is as much a one of success as it is one of failure. The rapid rise of M-PESA in Kenya and other competing ways to send money from cell phone to cell phone has been heralded for years. Today, nearly 70% of Kenyans…

2 Slum it for a night in a South African Shanty town!

You might have heard of glamour camping (aka glamping), but the latest fad for rich people to tour poverty is the Shanty town. That’s right. Move over slum tourism, where you only temporary look at poor people. Now you can live like one! If you are looking for a spa…

1 Seeing chicken as a bank rather than food

Visitors to the farm of Francis Ondier, 52, must wash their hands and shoes before coming onto the property. “I don’t want you to bring any diseases from other farms here,” he says. Ondier is used to having visitors from across Kenya come and see his farm. They want to…

2 Drunk Continent: How much do Africans really drink?

Erik Hersman Africa, it turns out, is the new frontier for the booze industry. Developing countries plus the right demographics make for the right market opportunity. The major beverage companies know it and they are making a move. The thing is, reported Jessica Hatcher for TIME this month, that Africa…

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