Stop Kony

2 Guest post: The lessons of the Kony campaign

The Lessons of Kony 2012 by Kentaro Toyama ——————————————————————————————————————————– For a couple of weeks, Kony 2012 stole the spotlight in international development. It dominated conversation, with some applauding its success as an awareness-raising campaign (e.g., Nicholas Kristof); some criticizing it for its oversimplified, condescending, self-gratifying portrayal of the issues (e.g.,…

2 Ugandan journalist responds to the Stop Kony campaign

The Stop Kony campaign by the California-based organization Invisible Children (now the world’s most successful viral video) has produced many responses, positive and negative. Here’s a heartfelt one from Ugandan journalist Rosebell Kagumire that is getting a lot of attention:!