Stop Kony

2 Guest post: The lessons of the Kony campaign

The Lessons of Kony 2012 by Kentaro Toyama ——————————————————————————————————————————– For a couple of weeks, Kony 2012 stole the spotlight in international development. It dominated conversation, with some applauding its success as an awareness-raising campaign (e.g., Nicholas Kristof); some criticizing it for its oversimplified, condescending, self-gratifying portrayal of the issues (e.g.,…

0 Actual news stories about Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army

Amid all the Tweets, media peeps and bleeped comments surrounding the release of the Stop Kony video this week, there are also some actual news stories you might have missed: AllAfrica UN maintains efforts against Lord’s Resistance Army Sydney Morning Herald Last gasp: Kony’s cult strikes again Christian Science Monitor…

2 Ugandan journalist responds to the Stop Kony campaign

The Stop Kony campaign by the California-based organization Invisible Children (now the world’s most successful viral video) has produced many responses, positive and negative. Here’s a heartfelt one from Ugandan journalist Rosebell Kagumire that is getting a lot of attention:!