0 The marginal impact of celebrity on humanitarian campaigns

Celebrities are often used as eye candy for charity campaigns and giant advocacy efforts. Remarks from actress Angelina Jolie are released alongside comments from the UN on the number of Syrian refugees surpassing the 2 million mark this week. Mia Farrow vocally campaigned against China in the run up to…

Human Rights
0 Pro-South Sudan activists put pressure on President Kiir

Salva Kiir The men who spearheaded US support for South Sudanese independence used the country’s second birthday to urge President Salva Kiir to end attacks on civilians. An open letter from Roger Winter, Eric Reeves, John Predndergast and Ted Dagne strongly encourages Kiir to stem corruption and root out commanders…

Human Rights
0 Infographic: History of bombing in Sudan

Thanks to Roving Bandit for identifying this infographic by Smith College professor Eric Reeves showing the extent of Sudan’s bombings of its neighbor, South Sudan. This long-running conflict may have become a bonafide war. Open publication – Free publishing

World Politics
0 On Libya, the Arab revolt and the national interest

Anti-Gaddafi protests in LibyaFlickr, Messay Shoakena The popular revolt in Libya began in Tunisia, gained force in Egypt, and is continuing its spread across much of the Arab world. Libya is different mostly in that we are supporting the rebellion militarily, which has raised other questions. The Arab revolt appears…

World Politics
2 Two views on George Clooney, statesman

Newsweek recently published a profile of actor George Clooney’s work in the Sudan, where he and others assisted in providing oversight of the referendum vote for independence in the south. Said Newsweek: Clooney has been leveraging his celebrity to get people to care about something more important than celebrity. South…

Global Health
0 Jimmy Carter, Sudan, peace and the guinea worm

Former President Jimmy Carter is among the foreign notables — George Clooney, Sen. John Kerry, Enough’s John Prendergast — in Sudan doing election watch duty as the southern half of Africa’s largest country appears likely to vote itself into becoming the world’s newest nation. He’s also in Sudan because of…

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