0 Can sex sell poverty? Save the Children gives it a try

The video is pure Upworthy click bait, and you’ve never heard the word ‘diarrhea’ sound so sexy. “Models are told to make poverty sound sexy; you will never believe what happens next,” might read the copy accompanying the latest effort from Save the Children. In it, a group of models…

0 $2.4 billion raised for Syria crisis does not allay concerns

A Syrian teacher, left, teaches on the first day of classes at a private school built for Syrian refugees in the southern port city of Sidon, Lebanon.AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari International donors and charities pledged a total of $2.4 billion in aid for the Syrian crisis. It is only a fraction…

0 Why I am not donating to the most effective charity

GiveDirectly has the strongest case of any organization for a donation. It works and has the evidence to back up the claim. Knowing this, I did not give to them this year. I, like many other Americans, wait until the end of the year to do my charitable giving. As a…

0 Hard winter arrives for underprepared Syrian refugees

Preparing for winter in Lebanon’s Bekaa ValleyDfID The upcoming winter in Lebanon brought the first snowfall to parts of the country on Wednesday. It is an unwelcome sign for the 2.2 million Syrian refugees living outside of the country right now. Temperatures fell to as low as 20ºF as the…

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