Nearly 1,600 Seattle charities/non-profits lose tax-exempt status | 

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that the IRS has revoked the tax-exempt status of some 275,000 charitable or other non-profit organizations for failing to file legal documentation. Says reporter Lisa Chiu:

Many of the groups that lost their exemptions are charities, and donors to those organizations cannot claim a charitable deduction for gifts to the groups after the IRS makes the list official. … (The IRS action) trims the number of tax-exempt groups by about 14 percent.

Here’s an article on all this from Forbes, Guidelines to Charities; Warning to Donors

I did a quick scan of groups listed in Washington state. Thousands are listed, 1,578 organizations in Seattle alone (the IRS says most are probably defunct).

Here are a few examples: Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce; Washington State Film Council; Washington State Dairy Council, Seattle Jesus People and one organization with a name I was really sorry to see go called “Let’s Actually Do Something.”

You can do your own search below or go here (it can be glitchy). Let me know if you find anything interesting:

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