0 Which African city Tweets the most?

A new map shows the tweets sent out from Africa’s 20 most populated cities, in the period of 24 hours. Geo-located tweets were tracked over the last three months of 2013 to determine the trends. Coming in number one is Johannesburg with 344,215 geo-located tweets. The top five include Ekurhuleni…

0 Kenyan farmers skeptical, lack knowledge about GMOs

A diseased stalk of maize in western Kenya. Malava, Kenya – With a maize disease spreading across western Kenya, farmers are in need of seed alternatives and some are advocating the use of seeds genetically modified to fight disease. However, genetically modified crops (aka GMOs, genetically modified organisms) are not…

0 How a prize-winning computer programmer fights poverty

Yaw Anokwa If you’ve ever spent time in a hospital in the developing world, you see all kinds of problems. Sometimes conditions are decrepit, or the facility is understaffed, or it’s charging too much for healthcare. Then there’s “the paper problem.” Data about each patient – name, age, symptoms, everything…

0 Burma: Past, Present, and Future

Welcome to the Humanosphere podcast, our weekly look at the world of global health and development. Tom and I begin with a discussion on the headlines – everything from May Day in Seattle and Bangladesh to abortion access in El Salvador. Then we turn to Burma, also known as Myanmar. We…

13 Geek heretic: Technology cannot end poverty

Kentaro Toyama Kentaro Toyama is clearly a heretic. A geek heretic. And, based on his career path, I would guess brilliant. A computer scientist currently at the University of California, Berkeley, Toyama co-founded Microsoft Research India in 2005 and remained there as assistant managing director until 2009. If you’re not…

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