0 Future of Aid: Where’s the Impact?

This originally appeared in the Brookings Institute blog. Where’s the impact? A results-oriented aid agenda for Africa has picked up steam in the past few years. Last year closed with excitement about cash transfers. Researchers in Western Kenya found that just giving people money was an effective form of assistance. As…

0 Splash founder explains why he wants to kill off his charity

Eric Stowe wants to kill off his charity. The founder of Splash, a Seattle-based organization that brings clean water to communities, defines the success of his work as reaching a point where everyone has access to clean water. His TEDxSeattle talk this June explains how Splash is working to spread…

0 Indian slum activists are Revolutionary Optimists at Melinda Gates TED talk

Like most TED talks, it was fun with a lot of broad and encouraging statements without too many complicating details. The webcast itself was ‘negatively disrupted’ (lots of jokes on Twitter about this) when the TED live stream dropped just as Melinda was making her opening statements. It was restored minutes later.

Of all the featured speakers, there may be no better examples of positive disruptors than 14-year-old Sikha Patra and 15-year-old Salim Shekh, along with their revolutionary Bengali community activist and mentor Amlan Ganguly. Salim and Sikha spoke with Melinda at the event. I talked with them earlier.

0 Radical Charity: Dan Pallotta at TED

Dan Pallotta at TED says we keep trying to fool ourselves into believing that a more perfect market strategy will make charity unnecessary. It’s the wrong approach and undermines the essential value of most humanitarian endeavors, Pallotta says. “You can’t monetize love and compassion.”

3 Did media ignore Melinda Gates’ TED talk on family planning?

The data is clear: Improved family planning worldwide could have almost incomprehensible benefits on many fronts: Family planning could prevent hundreds of thousands of maternal and child deaths. It could help save the planet, by slowing population growth. And it reduces poverty. Studies show that better health, reduced child mortality…

0 Join Melinda on TEDxChange re the MDGs

Huh? The what? Melinda Gates took questions today from journalists about her upcoming TEDxChange presentation next week aimed at increasing awareness of and support for the Millennium Development Goals. “We’re inspired by the progress in global health and development since the MDGs were ratified 10 years ago,” Gates said. “Child…