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6 The cure for global poverty: Health

Mother and child, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaFlickr, DFID Researchers Discover Powerful Cure for Poverty and Inequality – Health If you could only do one thing to reduce poverty and inequity around the world, say experts in global development, the best thing you could do is reduce the disproportionate burden of disease…

0 The Lancet launches free, open-access online global health journal

Highlighted in the first Lancet Global Health is a commentary by Richard Feachem and colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco that poses the question Malaria eradication: Is it possible? Is it worth it? Should we do it? I expected a critical analysis of the pros and cons. But Feachem and his colleagues, who are financially supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the leading voice favoring eradication) and do malaria research, simply made the case for their benefactor’s position and more funding of their work.

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0 New Data and Reports Turn Eye to Global Surgery Gap

A technological innovation (the iPad) a well designed survey (cluster randomization) and young health workers are the backbone of an important new study on surgery. Some might expect the combination of resources to be applied in a middle or high income nation, but a team has come together to provide…