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1 TIMS Smoothies

This a funny spoof on the whole TOMS Shoes sales pitch:!

2 Final? update on the TOMS Shoe v. Dignity flap

Here are a few “day-after” thoughts on the Shoes vs Dignity flap — the debate about the legitimacy (or not) of Tuesday’s high-profile TOMS Shoes’ One Day Without Shoes campaign, which was challenged by a much-less resourced but highly animated and critical Day Without Dignity campaign. Vivek Nemana, writing at…

1 Update: Shoes vs. Dignity Day

I noted earlier that today there would be a battle between a high-profile charitable organization, TOMS Shoes, which (sort of) donates shoes to poor people around the world and a gang of cranky development experts, aid workers and others who think TOMS’ shoe donation scheme is worse than ineffective. Today…

6 Call for a Day Without Shoes & Without Dignity

Next week, on April 5, is a day when the humanitarian cobblers at TOMS Shoes call upon folks around the country to participate in a Day Without Shoes. Here’s what TOMS Shoes’ founder Blake Mycoskie’s says in the Huffington Post: I think sometimes we forget what we have, and occasionally…

Human Rights
5 Foot note: Millions suffer simply for lack of shoes

Flickr, poppalina Millions of bare feet prove we still aren’t reaching the very poorest of the poor. The international community is doing a lot to help the world’s poor — spending billions of dollars (not enough, but still billions) to combat AIDS, TB and malaria, doing research, figuring out clever…