1 Think Tanks influence public policy, but who influences them?

Intercambio Climatico In the debate over whether the US should raise the minimum wage, the Employment Policies Institute has emerged as think tank cited in opposition to the increase. The name ‘think tank’ gives the institute some level of respect as an independent research body and has been cited by news…

0 USAID takes another forward step on budget transparency

Raj Shah United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Raj Shah announced that the US Foreign Assistance Dashboard was not only updated, but it included 53,000 financial transactions from the first three quarters of fiscal year 2013. It builds off an executive order signed by President Obama to make government…

0 Rooting out seen and unseen corruption

A dapper Teodorin Obiang emerges from his luxury car.AFP Nine cars were sold off at an auction in Paris raising $3.6 million. Luxury names took the stage including Porche, Bugatti and Bentley. The owner: Teodorin Obiang, son of Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodor Obiang. The cars were seized in 2011 when…

Global Health
0 Global leaders try to get serious about hunger

Young people participating at the BigIf rally in Hyde Park. As the leaders of the world’s economic powers gather to discuss the state of the global economy and find common ground on pressing international issues, nutrition is featuring as a main topic. New research from the Lancet says that malnutrition is…

Human Rights
0 US firms like Microsoft and Amazon ranked low on transparency

Many American corporations, including tech giants like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, score poorly in a new report by Transparency International which ranks the world’s top 105 corporations according to their accountability and transparency. Why would a news site that covers global health and the fight against poverty care about corporate…

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