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0 Arab Spring flares up

Egypt’s Tahrir Square, at the start of the uprisingFlickr, Jonathan Rashad The popular uprising across the Middle East has intensified this week with the eruption of violence in Egypt and the resignation of Yemen’s president President Ali Abdullah Saleh. As the Washington Post reports, the level of violence in Egypt…

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0 Wikileaks on Libya, Tunis and Egypt

The Telegraph published a worrisome article today about Libya, based on its interpretation of a Wikileaks diplomatic cable. Unlike in Tunisia and Egypt, the cable says, Libya’s popular revolt may be fueled by extremist Islamic elements. Former jihadi fighters who underwent “religious and ideological training” in Afghanistan, Lebanon and the…

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5 The Arab revolt is not an Islamist revolt

I guess it’s only natural for some people — those of us who can only hold one idea in our head at a time — to conflate Arabs and Islamists in the current upheaval rocking Egypt, Tunisia and throughout much of the Middle East. Many news stories can’t help but…

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0 Egypt in revolt

There’s plenty of news out there about what’s happening in Egypt, as a popular revolt against the Mubarak regime continues despite a crackdown on the protesters, media and social media tools. I won’t add a list of my favorite news reports, other than to say perhaps the best bet for…

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0 Egypt to follow Tunisia?

Protests have erupted in Egypt as people demand political change, the demonstrations apparently prompted by the successful (so far) people’s revolution in Tunisia. CNN questions whether Egypt will go the same way as Tunisia and examines some key differences that may prevent the popular revolt in Cairo from catching fire…

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