0 Which African city Tweets the most?

A new map shows the tweets sent out from Africa’s 20 most populated cities, in the period of 24 hours. Geo-located tweets were tracked over the last three months of 2013 to determine the trends. Coming in number one is Johannesburg with 344,215 geo-located tweets. The top five include Ekurhuleni…

0 Prince George goes to Africa (sort of)

The Royal Baby, also known as Prince George, is going to Africa. Well, not quite. His bedroom will resemble Africa with big game animals and bush decorations, says Father Prince William. His hope is to pass along his passion for conservation and the continent to his young son. William, 31,…

0 Can Twitter help aid workers in a disaster?

Steve Garfield It turns out that using Twitter may be an effective way to track and respond to public emergencies. Twitter has become a polarizing tool in disaster situations. The speed with which information travels is seen as an asset and problem. Proponents point to the instance of the earthquake…

Human Rights
0 Do the poor in Bangladesh need their jobs more than workplace safety?

A deadly factory collapse in Bangladesh that has so far been estimated to have killed nearly 250 people is again raising questions about the role that US companies and consumers play in perpetuating dangerous and unfair sweatshops overseas. Amid all the reports of this massive tragedy, Slate’s Matt Yglesias offered a counterpoint to the moral outrage — and, indirectly, against the pleas from some Bangladeshi workers – with a blog post arguing that we should accept reduced safety rules in poor countries.

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