0 Infographic: How mobile money is faring in Africa

The story of mobile money in Africa is as much a one of success as it is one of failure. The rapid rise of M-PESA in Kenya and other competing ways to send money from cell phone to cell phone has been heralded for years. Today, nearly 70% of Kenyans…

0 Witness Uganda gives aid the musical treatment, warts and all

Matthews (center) and the Witness Uganda cast perform at the American Repertory Theater.Gretjen Helene, American Repertory Theater “We are not trying to resurrect buildings, we are trying to resurrect people,” shouted Griffin Matthews. The global financial crisis in 2008 hit the banks in his home city and his small organization,…

0 New law makes harsher climate for gay Ugandans

Ugandan pupils from different schools take part in an event organised by born-again Christians to celebrate the signing of a new anti-gay bill.AP Photo/Stephen Wandera Boston, MA – Returning home to Uganda after two years makes James* feel uneasy. As a gay man from a country that penalizes homosexuality, James…

World Politics
1 A different take on the unraveling of South Sudan

A South Sudanese government soldier inspects the body of a dead woman lying the street in Bor, Jonglei State, South Sudan.AP South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, may be unraveling and one of the few journalists actually on the ground there says the media’s characterization of the conflict – usually…

0 Surprising growth of savings and loans groups in Uganda

Map of CRS and CARE programs. A savings-and-loan initiative in Uganda sought to create groups where people could increase their personal finances. The hope was that agents would then help form new groups to reach more people. It succeeded, but not in a way that was expected. A survey of savings-and-loan…

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