World Politics
0 Global crises cause humanitarian spending to spike

The amount of money spent on humanitarian aid reached a record high last year. Disasters like the typhoon in the Philippines, the crisis in the Central African Republic and the ongoing civil war in Syria all contributed. Government humanitarian aid increased by 24% from 2012 to 2013, totaling  $22 billion billion.…

Global Health
0 Global health metrics applied to US life expectancy by location

Some counties in the US have life expectancies that resemble countries with much fewer resources. For example, in McDowell County, West Virginia, male life expectancy (64 years) is lower than life expectancy in Bangladesh while females in Sunflower County, Mississippi have a life expectancy (74 years) that is lower than females in Algeria.

0 What people in Senegal want from the United States

President Obama’s first stop on his Africa tour is Senegal. We can’t say for sure what the President hopes to gain out of the visit. What about people in Senegal? GlobalPost sat down with a group of young men in advance of Obama’s trip to share some tea and find…

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