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1 Guest Op-Ed: Is global health about gizmos or people?

By Julia E. Robinson, director of advocacy programs for Health Alliance International at the University of Washington. It’s an exciting time to be fighting for the “End of AIDS.” Everyone from Hillary Clinton to Pope Francis is talking about the possibility of turning a corner on the pandemic. Advances in…

6 The cure for global poverty: Health

Mother and child, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaFlickr, DFID Researchers Discover Powerful Cure for Poverty and Inequality – Health If you could only do one thing to reduce poverty and inequity around the world, say experts in global development, the best thing you could do is reduce the disproportionate burden of disease…

0 Scientists identify China’s mysteriously massive cancer burden

A new study of health trends in China finds, perhaps unsurprisingly, that rapid economic development over the past few decades has been accompanied by a decline in ‘diseases of poverty’ like malaria and child malnutrition but a rise in the diseases of the rich world like heart disease and obesity.One surprising – and not completely understood or explained – finding out of the study is that China appears to be the undisputed world leader for certain cancers: Liver, stomach and esophageal.

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