World Politics
0 Global crises cause humanitarian spending to spike

The amount of money spent on humanitarian aid reached a record high last year. Disasters like the typhoon in the Philippines, the crisis in the Central African Republic and the ongoing civil war in Syria all contributed. Government humanitarian aid increased by 24% from 2012 to 2013, totaling  $22 billion billion.…

0 US Senate cuts into foreign operations base budget

The US budgetary stand-off continues. The divisive political climate in Washington, especially over the federal budget, has seen attempts to cut the foreign affairs budget and foreign aid with it. The usual dance saw the White House and Senate, controlled by the Democrats, publish larger budgets as opposed to the…

Human Rights
1 Reducing immigration: risky business for the economy

Yet another push for immigration reform in the US is underway. Lawmakers would be smart to cast aside their personal feelings about the issue and look at the evidence. It was already established that making a humanitarian appeal can lead people to support more relaxed immigration policies. For the people…

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