0 Seattle Biomed pioneering ‘rational’ approach to vaccines

Vaccines are widely, legitimately, hailed as one of medicine’s most powerful weapons in the fight against infectious disease. Millions of lives are saved, deaths prevented, every year using this simple tool that can cost as little as a handful of pennies. So it’s unfortunate we know so little about how vaccines actually work

1 100 Million Reasons to Love Vaccines

A child receives a vaccine in Bihar, India.Gates Foundation Vaccines are pretty rad. They help protect us against some pretty nasty diseases and save lives. Not convinced? How about this: vaccines have prevented more than 100 million serious cases of contagious diseases in the US since 1924. Scientists from the…

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2 Funny, tragic video promoting vaccines like we do Viagra

Thanks to Jeremy Hillman at the Gates Foundation for pointing out this hilarious video from the blog that promotes the health benefits of vaccines in a manner the drug industry might typically market a drug like Viagra: (Note:The tragic part is the fact that so many otherwise intelligent…

Global Health
0 Bill Gates’ humanitarian plan for world (vaccination) domination

Everyone knows Bill Gates loves vaccines. Yet few seem to appreciate just how revolutionary and accidental is this love affair. Promoting this powerful, fundamental tool for children’s health may look these days like the obvious humanitarian thing for a philanthropist to do. But it wasn’t either obvious or that celebrated when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation started down this path in the 1990s.

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