Global Health
2 The weird adventures of VacciBoy and ImmuGirl

The World Health Organization has a media campaign using cartoon super heroes to promote vaccination. In case you weren’t aware, this week was declared by WHO to be Vaccination Week. So here they are, VacciBoy and ImmuGirl, gaining their superpowers by drinking liquids they discovered on the counter of a…

2 Queen of England bestows honor on PATH’s gizmo guy

The Queen of England has bestowed an exalted honor on PATH’s top gizmo guy. “She said global health was a rather big subject and must involve a lot of travel,” said Michael Free, chief of technology for PATH, who had in fact stopped off in London to be received by…

Global Health
0 Video: Rotavirus vaccine roll-out

A video from GAVI regarding the roll-out of a new vaccine campaign against one of the world’s biggest killers of children, rotavirus: The introduction of rotavirus vaccines in Africa from GAVI Alliance on Vimeo.

Global Health
0 Polio spreading from Pakistan to China

This is a discouraging reminder that global health is truly global, especially when it comes to infectious disease. As NPR’s Joe Neel reports today, Pakistan’s failure to eliminate polio appears to have spilled over into China and threatens to spread even wider. Neel reports: The World Health Organization says the…