Vikram Patel

0 Seattle doc makes doc film to get mental illness higher on global health agenda

Delaney Ruston spent a lot of her early days as a physician working in clinics for the poor and disenfranchised, like Berkeley Free Clinic and, later, Seattle’s Pike Market Medial Clinic with a few of area’s leading and long-time health activists Les Pittle and Joe Martin. Partly as a result of her father’s schizophrenia, she’s now a documentary filmmaker advocating greater awareness of mental health needs globally.

3 It’s World Most-Neglected-Health-Problem Day

It’s actually World Mental Health Day, and also Columbus Day. Neither of these calendrical milestones are likely to get much public attention, unless perhaps someone can combine them for a story suggesting that Christopher Columbus only discovered the New World in 1492 thanks to his megalomania and narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive disorder.…

6 Why is mental illness so low on the global health agenda?

Flickr, by Dierk Schaefer Seattle recently hosted a big international meeting in which many of the world’s leaders in the fight to improve health met to parse data, debate statistical methods and struggle toward consensus aimed at informing the global health agenda. Given this focus on data, are the biggest…