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0 Is the ‘golden age of philanthropy’ a sign of good times or bad?

CBS News’ 60 Minutes recently did a piece featuring Bill and Melinda Gates, along with Warren Buffett and a select group of other billionaires, describing the motivation behind a philanthropic initiative called The Giving Pledge. Charlie Rose hosted the chat, titled The Giving Pledge: A New Club for Billionaires, briefly…

0 Charity is a broken concept, says Warren Buffett’s Son

Peter Buffett, son to billionaire Warren Buffett, describes how he came to understand the nature of and the problems with philanthropy and charity. He describes in the a New York Times OpEd how he was introduced to the sector when his father established three foundations for his children to run.…

0 Clay’s Wordle on the Giving Pledge

Clay Holtzman of the Puget Sound Business Journal decided to conduct a unique analysis aimed at determining what kind of causes are of most interest to those rich folks who have committed to The Giving Pledge. So he did a Wordle (see below). As Clay explained on his blog, there…

1 A few more billionaires join the Giving Pledge

A new crop of the super-rich have agreed to sign up with Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s “Giving Pledge” — a project aimed at convincing the wealthy to promise to give at least half their accumulated wealth to charity now or when they pass on to the great gated community…

0 Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are world’s top global thinkers

At least, that’s what Foreign Policy magazine says with its “100 Top Global Thinkers 2010″ ranking hot off the shelf. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are ranked number one, primarily for their work as philanthropists with a business mindset: As the world has lost confidence in the ability of countries…

1 Carlos Sim Undermines Gates & Buffett Charity Pitch in China

I posted earlier about the weirdness of Carlos Slim and Bill Gates partnering up as philanthropists. Here’s an article quoting the real Slim, deriding charity at a meeting in Australia while Gates and Warren Buffett are in China trying to convince billionaires there to join The Giving Pledge.

World Politics
0 Buffett and Gates Scare Chinese Billionaires

I missed this the other day. Thought it was funny enough to point out, even if I’m a bit late. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett appear to have scared off some Chinese billionaires who were worried they were going to get hit up for the Giving Pledge at an upcoming…

Human Rights
1 More Super-Rich Folks Heed Pledge to Give

It’s not a new idea that the rich should give their money back to society. Andrew Carnegie, when he was the richest man in the world, said, “The man who dies rich dies disgraced.” Wikimedia Andrew Carnegie Though few of the super-rich these days appear to be adhering to Carnegie’s…