Water 1st International

1 Two very different views on charity:water

Scott Harrison You’ve probably heard of charity:water, one of the more successful philanthropic organizations out there working to help bring clean and safe water to poor communities around the world. The reason you’ve probably heard about charity:water is because the media, in general, are enamored with the founder — his…

8 The problem of cheap water (fixes)

Water pump, Mali Guest Post: Improving access to clean water is one of the most important, and popular, efforts in the humanitarian sphere. Depending upon whose estimates you use, anywhere from one-sixth to one-third of humanity lacks reliable access to safe, clean drinking water. Many organizations like the popular group…

3 World Water Day: Activist frustrated with fleeting fixes

Today is World Water Day and there’s a big meeting in South Africa as hundreds, or maybe thousands, of organizations are putting out their messages aimed at pretty much saying one thing: We’re heading for a crisis — or more accurately a bigger crisis that will affect many more of…