Human Rights
1 Visualizing violence against women

India is making headlines yet again for violence against women, but these examples are just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger global epidemic. It turns out that sexual violence is mostly perpetrated by people known to the victim – not strangers. Last week, two girls aged 12…

Human Rights
0 Parents say more than 200 girls missing in northern Nigeria

Security walk past burned government secondary school Chibok, were gunmen abducted more than 200 students in Chibok, Nigeria.AP Photo/ Haruna Umar The search for the school girls abducted in northern Nigeria continues a week after they were taken. However, there is a significant discrepancy over how many girls are missing.…

3 Why are male farmers out-performing women in Africa?

Gates Foundation The gap between men and women in some African countries is easily seen in agriculture. Male-managed farm plots consistently out-perform those of their female counterparts by as much as 66% in Niger and 25% in Malawi. The long-held belief was that a lack of access to the necessary…

Global Health
0 Visualizing the global burden of mental illness in women

Flickr, porschelinn Mental health problems have a profound impact on men and women worldwide, but the toll of these diseases weighs most heavily on women. Worldwide, depression is responsible for more healthy years lost than HIV/AIDS or malaria in women of all ages. Globally, depression (also known as major depressive…

Human Rights
0 Child marriage seen as a girl’s health issue

CFR The development community is starting to pay closer attention to the problem of child marriages. Long considered an issue of human rights, the conversation about child marriage is shifting to that of health and education. Girls married too young are denied the educational opportunities of their peers and are…

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