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0 Thailand’s Condom King comes to Seattle

Mechai Viravaidya is known around the world as “Mr. Condom” or the “Condom King” for his activism promoting safe sex in Thailand when the AIDS epidemic first emerged. Many say Thailand’s aggressive condom promotion within the sex industry did a lot to lessen the impact of the pandemic there. On…

2 Connected, aware and committed to change

I forgot to tell you earlier why I gave this series of stories about the Millennials its title: Connected to change. Maybe it’s obvious, but the first point here is that this generation, also known as Generation Y (though I’m told they don’t like that designation … too close to…

1 When China jumps, the planet shakes

Jonathan Watts used to say a prayer as a young boy living in Britain that included the request: “Please make sure everyone in China doesn’t jump at the same time.” Today, living in China as the Guardian’s Asia environment correspondent, Watts no longer worries that such a coordinated ‘people’s movement’…