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0 Listening is key to effective aid and development

Humanitarian leaders and their organizations talk a lot about listening to what citizens in developing countries want. The UN is taking it so seriously that it launched a survey as a part of its effort to determine what will replace the Millennium Development Goals. “Not until I spent three weeks…

0 USAID hopes to boost innovation in development with new lab

Former Sec State Clinton at the USAID Innovation Lab launch.Rob Baker Innovation is the buzzword for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with the launch of its new Global Development Lab. The agency held an event, featuring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to unveil its collaboration with…

3 Why are male farmers out-performing women in Africa?

Gates Foundation The gap between men and women in some African countries is easily seen in agriculture. Male-managed farm plots consistently out-perform those of their female counterparts by as much as 66% in Niger and 25% in Malawi. The long-held belief was that a lack of access to the necessary…

World Politics
1 New global momentum for universal health coverage

The U.S. still remains a notable outlier among rich nations, spending the most on health (about $8500 per person, or 18 percent of GDP) yet failing to provide coverage for one of every six Americans. To make matters worse, health indicators in the U.S. – such as maternal mortality, child health – often rank the world’s superpower in the same neighborhood as Bulgaria or even Bangladesh.

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