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4 Learning from mistakes made: The Millennium Villages Project

A new book that profiles economist Jeffrey Sachs is augmented by two new reports on the controversial Millennium Villages Project. One explores media attention to the MVP in Africa. Another says that the mistakes made by the MVP provide lessons for future projects and illustrate the importance of transparency in development projects.

0 World Bank cracks down on corruption

Corruption has persisted for millennia as have various efforts to root it out. International development efforts, with money moving from donors like the World Bank to contractors and governments, have their fair share of corruption. A chart from The Economist shows the number of individuals and organizations that have been…

0 Global health boomerang – The risk of seeing past & present as prologue

One of the problems in measuring death and disability rates is it’s much more difficult to measure poverty’s role in all this. Arguably, the task of global health is to focus on the diseases of poverty as opposed to any and all disease – and to establish metrics for what’s actually do-able in addition to measuring death and disability. Forget about that new CT scanner. People are dying for lack of access to drugs, lack of food and water.

6 International development according to Hollywood

International development is just about at the bottom of the list of things that the average American thinks about each day. Foreign bureaus are closing for major US news sources. One of the big television networks turned down more money for global health reporting after a series, entirely funded by…

0 World Bank Bets on Universal Energy Access by 2030

The World Bank and the International Energy Agency are leading a push to bring electricity to the 1.2 billion people who are living with out it around the world. They estimate it will cost $50 billion to achieve universal access to electricity and clean and modern cooking by 2030. The…