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0 Did the week-long World Health Assembly accomplish anything?

World Health OrganizationWHO At the close of the week-long meeting of the World Health Assembly, the governing body of the World Health Organization, it’s worth asking what was accomplished in Geneva to advance global health. The WHO, which is supposed to set priorities and establish guidelines for the international community’s…

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0 Critics say World Health Organization too cozy with corporate interests

A number of civil society and non-profit organizations are claiming that the World Health Organization is overly influenced by commercial and corporate interests. At this week’s World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, Corporate Accountability International, which represents 100 organizations from 24 countries, claims the WHO is compromising its independence and…

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0 News updates out of World Health Assembly

The main news today out of the World Health Assembly meeting being held this week in Geneva appears to be that the World Health Organization is dis-assembling and reinventing: AFP: WHO in overhaul as health body faces losses Washington Post: WHO head blames budget cuts on global financial crisis IP…