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0 A(nother) polio emergency, perhaps the final one

The world is close to eradicating polio but this infectious disease has a tendency — like the whack-a-mole game — to pop up just when you think you’ve got it put down. The polio eradication campaign has been quite successful, getting rid of endemic polio in all but three countries:…

Global Health
2 The weird adventures of VacciBoy and ImmuGirl

The World Health Organization has a media campaign using cartoon super heroes to promote vaccination. In case you weren’t aware, this week was declared by WHO to be Vaccination Week. So here they are, VacciBoy and ImmuGirl, gaining their superpowers by drinking liquids they discovered on the counter of a…

0 Bird flu cockfight: Secrecy vs Science

There’s a heated scientific debate going on right now between those who fear the terrorist use of chickens versus those who fear the slippery slope of secrecy in science. Starting on Thursday, a blue-ribbon panel of invited experts will meet behind closed doors at the World Health Organization to discuss…

Global Health
2 Highest levels ever of drug-resistant TB found, in Europe

People are always surprised by this one basic fact about tuberculosis: One out of every three people on the planet are currently infected with this airborne bacterium. That’s why the problem of increasing outbreaks of drug-resistant strains of TB is so worrisome to health officials. Tuberculosis spreads a lot easier…

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