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Human Rights
1 World Vision flip-flops on gay marriage

World Vision USA, the large Christian aid organization headquartered just outside of Seattle, earlier this week announced it had changed its policy and would begin hiring Christians in same-sex marriage. World Vision USA President Rich Stearns had championed the move saying it was “Symbolic of how we can come together…

0 NGOs call for peaceful Syria intervention

Protesters in Austin, Tx.Elizabeth Brossa US Senator John McCain is an unlikely ally for President Obama’s sales pitch to launch a military intervention in Syria. Congress has some time to decide what it will do before it reconvenes, but non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are working in and around Syria are…

0 World Vision expert pushes long-term hunger solution for fragile states

Congolese farmer. When it comes to the priorities of fragile and conflict-affected states, nutrition is often low on the list. Forty-two countries around the world are classified as fragile and conflict-affected states (FCS), but only half have joined a UN-backed nutrition scheme called Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN). Governments often favor instant…

World Politics
2 Bipartisan support in Congress AGAINST feeding the hungry – what’s next for food aid reform

Congress has again preserved American exceptionalism, and in so doing ensured millions more people in poor countries will go hungry. The Obama Administration has proposed changing our food aid system, which nearly all aid and development experts agree is incredibly inefficient and self-serving due to the uniquely American requirement that we buy food here from American farmers and ship it overseas on American ships.

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