US Pledges $155 Million in Aid to Syrians

The United States is responding to the push for more aid money to support Syrians affected by the civil war by pledging an additional $155 million. President Obama delivers a message of continued US support to end the violence and the Assad regime. The President addressed the people of Syria directly affirming his support for them and what the aid pledge will accomplish.

Here, I want to speak directly to the people of Syria. This new aid will mean more warm clothing for children and medicine for the elderly; flour and wheat for your families and blankets, boots and stoves for those huddled in damaged buildings. It will mean health care for victims of sexual violence and field hospitals for the wounded. Even as we work to end the violence against you, this aid will help address some of the immediate needs you face each day.

A UN-led donor conference in Kuwait tomorrow will seek to raise $1.5 billion to mount a response to people affected inside Syria and the nearly 700, 000 refugees who have fled the violence. Presently, only 3% of the estimated need has been fulfilled. The Obama announcement represents a small push towards the funding goal.

“We very much hope that the countries attending that conference will be generous in supporting our appeal. We cannot do our job without the resources to enable us to do that,” said UN Humanitarian Chief Valarie Amos to reporters.


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