Dueling infographics: Best and worst places to do business in Africa

The online news organization GlobalPost has taken data from the World Bank to create a good infographic and database on the Best and Worst Places to do Business in Africa (interactive at the site; below is just a screen grab):

Not too surprisingly, the Democratic Republic of Congo (which lately has seen a new eruption of violent civil unrest due to a renegade military man in eastern Congo) scores badly, along with Chad.

Somewhat surprisingly, Nigeria is pegged as one of the best places in Africa to do business.

There’s certainly a lot of oil wealth there, and business opportunities. But there’s also a lot of corruption in Nigeria, which makes it a great place to do business if you’re okay with bribery (like Dick Cheney and Haliburton is alleged to have been) but maybe not so great if you don’t want to pay a ‘dash’ to get that contract. Looks like the World Bank didn’t factor this into its rankings.

So by way of comparison, here’s an infographic from The Guardian that illustrates the best and worst places for corruption (again, just the screen grab here so go to link for interactive map and data):

Corruption map



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