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Rwandan-backed rebels take Congo city Goma

Col. Sultani Makenga of the rebel forces formerly known as M23, now the Congolese Revolutionary Army.

A rebel army widely believed to be backed by the Rwandan government has taken over Goma, a city in eastern DR Congo bordering Rwanda. Many are concerned that this action could spark a much larger regional war.

Col. Sultani Makenga of the rebel forces formerly known as M23, now the Congolese Revolutionary Army.

This is a big deal folks. Remember the last time you didn’t pay attention to what was happening in this neck of the woods? Remember that movie, Hotel Rwanda? Rwandan President Paul Kagame is a darling of the west, but he also seems to be backing this illegal military invasion of a neighboring country. How will the world respond? See news reports listed below:

For a broader look at Rwanda’s critical role in this part of Eastern-Central Africa, see my report Re:Visiting Rwanda. I was among a gang of journalists who (thanks to the International Reporting Project program) visited this beautiful country and got a chance to interview the enigmatic Kagame. That was before this rebel uprising and the reports of Rwanda’s backing of the militias.

The news today:

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