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A (not so) simple explanation why US healthcare costs are high

Vlogger and author John Green describes the problem with US healthcare: it is too darn expensive. Problem is, the reason is not quite so simple. Though he does make a compelling case of universal healthcare by comparing health outcomes, costs and waste between the US and other countries.

So basically, Hank, until and unless we can negotiate as effectively with the people providing healthcare as effectively Australians and British people do US health care costs will continue to rise faster than anywhere else in the world and we won’t get better health care outcomes. I am so tired people offering up a simple explanations for what’s wrong with our health care system.

They say, “Oh it’s malpractice or its doctors who must also be business people or its insurance companies or it’s insane rules for who can get insurance.”

It’s drug companies, it’s government bureaucracy, it’s an inability to negotiate prices. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes it is all those things and more! It is not a simple problem and there is not a simple solution.

Just watch the whole thing:

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