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News in the Humanosphere: Some Shoddy Infection Control in Texas

As word comes of a second American health worker is infected with ebola, there’s news that the Dallas Hospital did not implement recommended safety measures, suggesting that more hospital workers may be at risk. ”Health care workers treating Thomas Eric Duncan in a hospital isolation unit didn’t wear protective hazardous-material suits for two days until tests confirmed the Liberian man had Ebola — a delay that potentially exposed perhaps dozens of hospital workers to the virus, according to medical records. The 3-day window of Sept. 28-30 is now being targeted by investigators for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the key time during which health care workers may have been exposed to the deadly virus by Duncan, who died Oct. 8 from the disease.” (Dallas Morning News

Liberia health worker strike is over…for now… “The strike is over, according to all the health workers of the Republic of Liberia. Our concern is the people of Liberia.  We do not want the people in Liberia to be at risk. Because of this, all the health workers, we met today and we decided that we are going to cut off the ‘go-slow’ to listen to the international community to see how best they can come in and try to provide better incentives for the health workers of the Republic of Liberia,” said Joseph Tamba, president of the National Health Workers Association. (VOA

Quote of the Day:  “The kind of threat [ebola]poses to the American way of life essentially makes it the North Korea of peanut allergies.” –barely parody from Teju Cole in the New Yorker

As thousands of U.N. staff volunteer to work in Ebola-stricken countries in Africa, the Staff Union has called for safety measures to protect personnel on the ground. (IPS

Good on Tanzania, which said it willgrant citizenship to some 200,000 refugees from neighbouring Burundi, a move hailed by the UN refugee agency. (AFP

Experts from around the world are certain that climate change is playing a major role in the difficulties hundreds of thousands of African farmers are experiencing. (IPS

A senior official in Rwanda’s reconciliation process is calling on South Sudan to apply lessons on how Rwanda came back from the dark days of the 1994 genocide, in particular the system of the gacaca courts. (VOA

Nigeria’s government has promised to protect schoolchildren. It has been six months since 200 girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram and Nigeria’s northern states continue to live in fear. (Deutche Welle

Sluggish courtrooms, swamped clinics and parents forgoing food are becoming the norm as Ebola opens cracks in Sierra Leonean society. (Guardian

Two principal recipients of malaria grants in Nigeria have been implicated in fraud and financial irregularities, following an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General, and have committed to returning some $350,000 to the Global Fund. (GFO

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said on Wednesday he had asked the European Union to grant legal entry to more Syrian refugees who are risking their lives trying to reach Europe illegally by sea. (Reuters
Thailand’s interim prime minister, who seized power in a military coup, suggested Wednesday that the country’s next elections may not occur until 2016, although he earlier set a target date of October 2015. (AP

Sri Lanka on Wednesday banned foreigners from a former battle zone, the government said, weeks after the United Nations began an investigation into alleged war crimes in the final phase of a 26-year conflict between the army and separatist rebels. (Reuters

Lawmakers here are urging President Barack Obama to put transparency in the extractives sector at the centre of an upcoming trip to Myanmar. (IPS

Organizers say concern about the spread of the Ebola virus is expected to impact attendance at China’s largest international trade fair, which kicks off Wednesday. (AP

The Americas
From January to September of this year an estimated 230 migrants died trying to cross the border from Mexico into the United States. (VOA

Brazilian police shut down an illegal abortion ring in the Rio de Janeiro area, arresting 47 people including doctors and police officers. (BBC

Fidel Castro has reprinted a New York Times editorial calling for the end of the U.S. embargo on Cuba. (AP

President Dilma Rousseff and Aecio Neves, her challenger in a tight election contest, engaged in a bare-knuckle debate that saw the pair trade accusations of corruption and fiercely argue over who could rekindle Brazil’s economy. (AP

Scores of children have been rescued in a raid on a sex trafficking ring in Colombia, including an 11-year-old girl allegedly sold for $1,000. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced that they found 55 minors and arrested 12 people on Saturday. (VOA

The CDC is putting more resources into helping hospitals prepare and handle Ebola patients. This, after a nurse treating Ebola patient Thomas Duncan in Dallas became infected with the virus. (NPR

This map shows all the countries where voting is mandatory (GlobalPost

South Africa: As World Food Day Approaches, One in Four S. Africans Are Hungry (SACSIS

Study Confirms 13,000 Dead in Boko Haram Conflict (Africa Check

Top-Notch Impact Studies On Development ‘On the Rise’ (SciDevNet

Hiring Reform at WHO (Center For Global Development

Too young to watch. Old enough to get married. (Duval Guillaume

Do African Union Governance Reviews Work? (all Africa

Women in Tanzania set for equal land rights – let’s make sure it happens (Guardian


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