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News in the Humanosphere: More than 40,000 people starving to death in South Sudan

Workers offload sacks of cereals distributed by the U.N.'s World Food Program from a truck in Minkaman, South Sudan. (Credit: AP Photo/Matthew Abbott)

At least 40,000 people are being starved to death in South Sudan war zones on the brink of famine, the United Nations said Monday, in a plea to rival forces to let aid in. The figures released in a U.N. report describe some of the worst conditions yet in more than two years of a civil war marked by atrocities and accusations of war crimes, including the blockading of food  supplies. Conditions are ‘escalating’, the U.N. said, with already over 2.8 million people needing aid, almost a quarter of the country. (AFP

Facebook loses net neutrality decision in India…Despite aggressive efforts to promote universal connectivity in India, Facebook just struck out. India’s telecom regulator has blocked the company’s Free Basics service as part of a ruling that supports net neutrality. (Wired

Turkey sends aid, but doesn’t open border…Turkish humanitarian groups set up camps in Syria and sent in truckloads of aid Monday for tens of thousands of people stranded on the border after fleeing a Russia-backed regime offensive in the northern region of Aleppo. (AFP


Lawyers representing the civil parties in the trial of former Chadian president Hissène Habré have begun summing up, the last stage in the landmark case before judges retire to consider their verdict. (Guardian

Because of drought in Malawi and across southern Africa maize has doubled in price in the space of a year, and now costs around $0.28 a kilo. (Reuters

African forces began a U.S.-led counter-terrorism training program in Senegal on Monday amid what a U.S. commander said were rising signs of collaboration between Islamist militant groups across north Africa and the Sahel. (Reuters

Dozens of armed security forces descended on the Quranic school at night, arresting an imam suspected of having links to Islamic extremists in Nigeria. (AP

At least 15 people have been killed in clashes between armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in a region that has been the scene of heightened ethnic tensions in recent weeks, local authorities said. (AFP

The International Criminal Court Monday apologized for an embarrassing blunder during the trial of former Ivorian leader Laurent Gbagbo which led to the unmasking of several protected witnesses, and ordered a formal inquiry. (AFP


The International Committee of the Red Cross says it has reopened its Gaza office after closing it the previous day in response to repeated attempts by protesters to storm it. (AP

The Qatari state oil company, Qatar Petroleum, says it has reached a deal with Chevron to acquire 30 percent of its stake in offshore drilling areas in Morocco. (AP

An outraged Italy demanded on Monday that Egypt catch and punish those responsible for the death of student Giulio Regeni, whose tortured, half-naked corpse was found in a roadside ditch in Cairo last week. (Reuters

A bill that opponents say targets Israeli human rights groups critical of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians was set to win initial approval in parliament on Monday with the support of the country’s right-wing. (Reuters

Detainees held by the Syrian government are dying on a massive scale amounting to a state policy of “extermination” of the civilian population, a crime against humanity, United Nations investigators said. (Reuters

Human Rights Watch wants Egypt’s president to condemn comments by his justice minister that appeared to advocate the mass killing of Muslim Brotherhood supporters. (VOA


The main ethnic group that’s been protesting for months over Nepal’s new constitution is ending its border blockade and general strike, bringing relief to the Himalayan nation severely short of fuel, medicine and other supplies. (AP

Myanmar’s parliament will begin its election of the new president on March 17, cutting very close to an April 1 deadline, suggesting talks between Aung San Suu Kyi’s victorious party and the military are likely to take longer than planned. (Reuters

Some of the 267 asylum seekers Australia wants to deport to an offshore immigration center following a court ruling are suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses, a senior government official said on Monday. (Reuters

The Philippines’ top diplomat, who was behind a bold government move to challenge the validity of China’s vast territorial claims in the South China Sea at an international tribunal, has resigned due to health reasons, officials said. (AP

The Americas

Activist and sex worker Angela Villón is running for congress in Peru’s elections in April, hoping to fight trafficking and the sexual exploitation of underage girls. (Guardian

…and the rest

Turkey and Germany agreed on Monday on a set of measures to try to tackle the Syrian refugee crisis, including a joint diplomatic initiative aimed at halting attacks against Syria’s largest city. (AP

British rock band Coldplay’s latest music video has triggered a debate in India over its portrayal of the country with critics accusing its producers of showing stereotypical images of India with Hindu holy men, peacocks and colorful festivals. (AP


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