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News in the Humanosphere: Trump makes good on pledge to pull U.S. out of TPP

An anti-TPP march in Philadelphia, July 2016. (Credit: Becker1999/Flickr)

President Donald Trump yanked the United States out of a major Pacific trade deal Monday, making good on an election campaign promise and delivering a hammer blow to Asian allies. Trump said he had “terminated” the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a trade deal binding the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Vietnam and seven other allies against growing Chinese economic clout. Together, TPP members represent 40 percent of the world economy. After signing an executive order, Trump said he would be “going back to those countries one-on-one” to find terms more favorable to the United States. “We are going to have trade but we are going to have one-on-one,” he said. “And if somebody misbehaves, we are going to send a letter of termination — 30 days and they’ll either straighten it out or we are gone.” (AFP

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Angry protests erupted in several Ivory Coast cities on Monday, including in the economic capital Abidjan where retired soldiers barricaded a major highway as a teachers’ strike kept schools closed. (AFP

The United Nations hopes indirect talks between the Syrian government and rebels in Astana will lead to direct negotiations led by the UN, Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said on Monday. (Reuters

Fifty-six sets of human remains have been identified one year after a mass grave was discovered in Mexico’s northern border state of Nuevo Leon, prosecutors said in a statement. (VOA

Egypt must launch an independent and thorough investigation into the recent killing of 10 men by security forces in the Sinai Peninsula, Amnesty International said on Monday. (AP

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto on Monday vowed “no confrontation but no submission” to the United States in renegotiating the two countries’ relations under new US President Donald Trump. (AFP

A deal struck last month requiring Congo President Joseph Kabila to step down after elections this year risks unraveling if politicians do not quickly reach compromises on implementing the accord, Catholic bishops mediating the talks said on Monday. (Reuters

French President Francois Hollande is in Colombia’s capital as part of a two-day tour and he’s expressing his support for a peace deal to end the country’s half-century conflict. (AP

As the world’s giant cities fill up, the brunt of migration to urban areas will fall on smaller cities that are not ready to deal with big influxes of people, a specialist on Latin America’s cities has warned. (Reuters

The Dutch government is expected to vote on whether to ban international child adoption amid concerns over the danger of trafficking and laundering children, raising the possibility that other countries could follow suit, experts say. (Reuters


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