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News in the Humanosphere: Cholera outbreak spreads in famine-affected South Sudan

IOM provides emergency health care to displaced and conflict-affected populations across South Sudan. (Credit: UN Migration Agency (IOM) / Mohammed 2016)

An IOM Rapid Response Team was deployed to Jonglei, South Sudan in response to a cholera outbreak affecting more than 230 people in Ayod County. Relief agencies are responding to cholera outbreaks across the country, with nine counties currently reporting active transmission, including three in Jonglei alone. Since the cholera outbreak was declared in June 2016, over 7,200 cases have been reported, including 229 deaths, according to WHO and the South Sudan Ministry of Health. “Conditions are extremely difficult for families in Jiech,” explains Carol Kipsang, an IOM health officer and nurse. “We met one mother who was caring for her new born and her sister’s child, after her sister died from cholera two weeks ago in her community. The young mother walked one hour to the IOM clinic to receive treatment for the children and seek nutritional support for her malnourished daughter.” (IOM

Meet Mr. Moon, the President of South Korea…A Moon Jae-in presidency would represent a real shift in attitude towards North Korea. His policy is to increase contact with North Korea, in contrast to the tighter sanctions of the last ten years. He is unhappy about the deployment of a US anti-missile system on South Korean soil.vWhen Mr Moon was last in government, in the early 2000s, South Korea had a “Sunshine Policy” which meant co-operation with North Korea, a policy which was abandoned as North Korea tested nuclear weapons.vAs policy in South Korea looks like shifting, many sceptics remain who think that no amount of talking to Kim Jong-un will persuade him to renounce either his despotic power or his nuclear ambitions.vFor the last eight years, Seoul and Washington have been in lock-step over North Korea, with ever tighter sanctions and isolation. That is not Mr Moon’s way. Is it Donald Trump’s?” (BBC

Discovery of the day: A species belonging to the human family tree whose remnants were first discovered in a South African cave in 2013 lived several hundred thousand years ago, indicating that the creature was alive at the same time as early humans in Africa, scientists said Tuesday. (AP

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Around 300 sub-Saharan African migrants stormed the six-meter razor-wire fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla early on Tuesday, with around 100 successfully crossing the border, police said. (Reuters

A United Nations peacekeeper in Central African Republic was killed and eight others wounded late when their convoy was attacked by unknown assailants in the southeast of the country, the U.N.mission said. (Reuters

Jakarta’s Christian governor was sentenced to two years in jail for blasphemy, a harsher-than-expected ruling that critics fear will embolden hardline Islamist forces to challenge secularism in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation. (CSM

Venezuela’s opposition, non-government organizations and international bodies accused the government of using military courts against its critics. (BBC

Several human rights groups and think tanks on launched a campaign to drastically reduce homicides in Brazil, the world leader in the absolute number of annual killings. (AP

Rare Ride to Promote Women Rights in Pakistan (VOA

Poverty reduction in the world’s poorest countries risks being diluted by the government’s increasing tendency to devote a bigger slice of Britain’s aid budget to pursuing the national interest, the Institute for Fiscal Studies has warned. (Guardian

Just 10 armed conflicts account for 80 percent of fatalities across the world, according to a new report released Tuesday. (VOA

NGOs Concerned About Reinstatement of Abortion Ban Tied to Foreign Aid (VOA


Thanks to the USA, 7,400 Babies Were Born in this Refugee Camp Without a Single Death. Now, the White House is Pulling Its Support (UN Dispatch

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Nigeria wakes up to its growing vigilante problem (IRIN

Poverty Drives Wages Down (IPS

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Moon election could send ‘sunshine’ toward Pyongyang – but cast a shadow over DC (CSM

Why 80 asylum-seekers are storming the US southern border, even though they’ll probably be turned away (PRI

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