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News in the Humanosphere: Mr. Duterte goes to Washington

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte speaks before the protesting residents in 2009, when he served as Davao City Mayor. (Photo Credit: Keith Bacongco/flickr)

During a “very friendly” phone conversation, President Donald Trump invited Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to the White House, signaling a massive shift in attitude from the U.S. toward a leader known best for inciting an extrajudicial war on drugs in his country that’s killed more than 7,500 people. Duterte also publicly attacked Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, multiple times last year, once calling Obama the “son of a whore,” before walking that statement back. In October, Duterte said Obama could “go to hell” and he also threatened to “break up” with the U.S. (NPR

Top Stories

Eight Syrian rescuers, known as the White Helmets, were killed when an airstrike hit their office in rebel-held Hama province, according to the group and opposition activists. (VOA

Mali’s National Assembly has voted to extend a state of emergency by six months in a bid to quell an upsurge in attacks by Islamist militants based in the desert north of the West African country. (Reuters

Tunisian police killed on Islamist militant and another died when he detonated his suicide explosive belt during an exchange of gunfire after a raid in the central city of Sidi Bouzid, a government official said on Sunday. (Reuters

The United Nations’ refugee agency airlifted its first batch of relief supplies to the more than 11,000 people on Angola’s northern border fleeing the latest violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (VOA

Pope Francis called on Sunday for the respect of human rights and an end to violence in Venezuela, where nearly 30 people were killed in unrest this month. (VOA

The war, now in its third year, has forced people in the Arab world’s poorest country to go without food, fuel and medical supplies. Conditions could get much worse for them if warring sides make good on threats of an all-out battle for Yemen’s main port in Hodeidah. (PRI

Following India’s crackdown on cash, millions of residents who have never even used a credit card are leapfrogging into mobile payments, finding phone apps more accessible than plastic. (WSJ

The head of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of nations ruled out a free trade deal with the UK until at least six years after Brexit and taken a sideswipe at the idea of a new British trade empire. (Guardian


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